Our international experience combined with knowledgeable local ground personnel ensures that even the largest, oversized pieces of equipment are transported safely, efficiently and on time, even in the toughest of environments.

Method statements, route planning, road surveys, site surveys at various stages of construction progress. Project team is nominated including an engineering team that takes care of drawing and critical aspects from a technical point of view. The method of statement must be implemented with dedicated parts concerning the criticality of the captioned pieces/cargo to be shipped.

Heavy Lift
Shipment overview prior to vessel/flight departure
Submit a full cargo description, providing an advance by the supplier,
we supply a technical method statement and cargo survey prior to departure.

Loading unloading
We can also guarantee that our member can be at the loading site and unloading site.

Project Cargo – Conventional Freight Services:

We offer:-

  • Voyage chartering (full and/or part-cargo)
  • Time-chartering (trip out, roundtrip, period)
  • Heavy lift chartering (by LO/LO or RO/RO, flat-deck ships)
  • Site visits of factories, plants, equipment locations, warehouses.
  • Pre-inspection of cargoes, cargo surveys.
  • Packing, shrinking, palletizing, using right type of materials/wood for customized transport.
  • Inland transport (road, barge, rail).
  • Terminal operations viz. FOB activities, stuffing, storage, pre-stow.
  • Stevedoring assistance viz. ordering gangs, tally, lashing on board ships.
  • Arranging lifting equipments – shore/floating/ship-cranes.
    Advising on goods/transport insurance.